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Sarah Mata

– Sarah Mata


Sarah is an extraordinary teacher. She seamlessly takes you to a place that combines the physical movements with the mental and meditative elements of yoga. Her classes aren’t about mastering a difficult pose but rather focus on breathing and tuning out all the distractions we deal with on a daily basis.

– Margie

I have been practicing on and off for years, but lower back issues and wrist issues
luckily found me at Sarah’s. She is a soulful master teacher that is uniquely tuned in to each student- what a gift! Her class opens you up to consciously healing any physical issues through deep listening, slow movement and connection. Even the space is nurturing. It is a class that is changing everything for me from the inside out. Sarah is a rare find and her studio just happened to be an oasis as well.

– Heather M.

Working with Sarah is life changing —if you want to change your life. To work with Sarah is to improve life and to enjoy life.

– Dennis

Yoga with Sarah puts me in touch with what is important in my life. Sarah's practice is an elevated form of yoga. 

– Thierry 




M & TH    


11:00am –12:30pm

10:30am –12:00pm

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Class sizes are small, please call, text or email to reserve a place and receive the studio's address 

Coming to yoga practice is often motivated by stress or healing. I created Sattva Yoga on Cedar St. to offer a space in which each person can disentangle themselves from preoccupations or physical discomfort and connect with their intrinsic well being. We may not be aware of the power of stillness until we value reducing stress or healing.

Sattva in a word means beingness, an experience many of us are too busy to enjoy, an experience that our physiology may not easily allow. Sattva is associated with an illumined stillness as one resets their system to the calmest depth.

The effect of sattva in practice is classically described as the mind and the body becoming lighter. Intellectually sattva is awareness; kinesthetic awareness, breath awareness, awareness of mental focus. Like all experience it can be fleeting, the value of practice correlates with the understanding of neuroplasticity in that our states of mind eventually become our traits.

The process of becoming more sattvic describes the goal of yoga practice, it is the foundational state of mind and body when we are focused, calm and at peace.

Group classes

study yoga in a private garden setting with a teacher of thirty years experience 

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